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Trust In Our Experience

Dear Valued Client,



We understand your concerns about entering our salon following the lockdown restrictions being relaxed. This notification is to assure you that we have done all we can to protect your health, safety and wellbeing whilst you are visiting us. The safety of our team and our guests is our highest priority and is of paramount importance to us. It is for these reasons we have been very busy behind the scenes putting in place very stringent measures, that we feel exceed the government guidelines.


We Have:

  • Staggered appointment times to maintain social distancing between clients.

  • introduced 'consistent pairing’ , with our team split into two separate working teams that never cross over, to minimise how many people are in the salon.

  • Introduced new operating hours, spread over a seven day week, to ensure more client appointments, whilst keeping minimal numbers in the salon at one time. See details below.

  • Cleaned and disinfected all surfaces and implements, and introduced an indepth, 30 minute, cleaning schedule between every client appointment.

  • Removed any non-essential items throughout our salon.

  • Acquired appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for our team, and clients, to be used when necessary and as directed by Government introducing    

  • biodegradable gowns and towels for one use only.

  • Discontinued the practice of hand shaking and other non-essential contact.

  • Re-trained our staff on essential hygiene control and hand hygiene practices. See details below.

  • Reviewed our Risk Assessment and introduced a Covid-19 Risk Assessment (the details of which will be found on our website).



Polite Request – we need to trust in a shared duty of care.

To safeguard our team at this time, we are asking all team members, and clients to please stay at home if you are showing any signs of being unwell.

Symptoms such as a high temperature, a persistent coughs and/or colds or loss of taste and smell. You will not be charged for cancelling due to illness.


Opening Hours

Our team will be working longer days, to firstly minimise the amount of people in the salon at any one time,  but secondly still ensuring that we manage to accommodate your rebookings as quickly as is physically possible.



Making Appointments

When our reception team return to work on 13th April they will start to work through our  list of clients still waiting for an appointment. Please be patient, this is an unprecedented time, and we are only able to accommodate half of the number of clients that we would usually see  in a typical working day. Please avoid getting frustrated with our receptionists, this is a challenging time, and we need you to trust that we are doing our very best to get you booked in.


We may be conducting some elements of your treatment consultations via Zoom prior to your appointment to limit face to face interaction on the day of your visit.


Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy has been reviewed, and we now require 72 hours cancellation. Failure to comply, or show for your appointment, other than for illness reasons, will incur a 100% charge of your bill. As a small business now operating at 50% capacity, and income, we simply cannot support missed appointment slots.


Hair Services

  • We will not be able to provide some services during the initial re-opening period, including fringe trims.

  • If you have coloured your hair at home during our closed period, please advise us, so that we can implement a new skin test which will be posted to your address for you to apply 5 days prior to your hair appointment. Please note that the patch test must be visible on your arm when you come into the salon. We will not be able to colour your hair if it is not visible, and you will be charged full cost for the lost appointment time.

  • Standard booking appointments for colour will take priority over colour corrections that are required due to home colouring, correctional services  take considerably longer than a standard booking.

Home Visits

We cannot provide this service at this time.

Payment for Services

We will not be accepting cash payments.

We offer an Apple Pay option.


Your stylist will be taking your payment at the dressing station before you leave.


There will be no use of discounts, promotions, or vouchers at present. Once we have been able to see everyone who is waiting for their appointment, any vouchers or purchased promotions, can be used on your next visit.


Your Salon Visit

We have  reviewed our operational systems extensively to ensure we are as safe and hygienic as possible during the client journey. Luckily with a  salon spread over two floors we have no need for screens, and we are able to operate one stylist per floor to ensure we are as compliant as possible with social distancing. We have taken particular care to review our housekeeping and cleaning procedures, including sanitising all the equipment we use.  Our staff have undertaken specialist training regarding sterilisation. PPE will be replaced after every client.

We are asking all clients to adhere to/note the following regarding their future visits:

  • As we will be restricted on waiting space, we request that you do not bring anybody with you on the time of your visit.

  • Please wait in your car, and we will call you into the salon when your dressing section is ready.

  • Please arrive on schedule for your appointment to minimise waiting time and unnecessary interaction.

  • Magazines and newspapers will not be available.

  • Our cloakroom will be operational and we ask all clients to minimise any coats or bags that they bring into the salon with them, these must be placed in an organiser.    

  • All devices such as mobile phone, laptop,kindle or Ipad must be wiped down at reception with one of our device wipes.

  • Our  refreshments will be available in take-away format and disposable cartons and cups only (no china/glass/cutlery).

  • Our team will be wearing the required PPE during your visit.

  • Everbody entering the salon will be temperature checked.



Relax and enjoy your time in our salon, and know that your safety is our no.1 priority.





olaplex salon

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