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I hope this email finds you well, and that you are all staying safe.

From all of us here at THAC, we just wanted to say a long overdue 'hi’ to all of our valued clients who maybe don’t frequent social media, and let you know that we are still here for you (we are complete technophobes,

I am ashamed to confess, and it’s taken a pandemic for me to pull my finger out when it comes to getting up to speed with client communication via other portals other than a phone!) Now in our fifth week of lockdown, we are finally settling into a new way of life, that I am sure will become a new kind of norm, for a long time to come yet, even after we are all allowed to return to work. Being the naturally social creatures that we hairdressers are, I can assure you we are missing taking care of you and your hair terribly at this time, and are counting the days until we can fling open the doors of the salon, and welcome you all back into our styling chairs, if not our into our arms - only air kisses, we promise!



We are all keeping busy in our respective homes with dog walks, for those of us with four-legged babies, exercise, cooking, reading, box set binge watching and lots of chats via Whatsapp, and HouseParty. Lynn has taken to painting anything that moves, with Frenchchic paint, so we are going to get her even more active in the salon with a paintbrush after all of this.  Paul is rebuilding the website - which was well overdue, and we are very excited about that. The general consensus also seems to be that we are all overindulging with food and alcohol, so with wider waistbands, we will all be on a total health kick when we get back into work mode.

I myself have been so busy trying to keep in touch with clients, rescheduling appointments, and getting more social media savvy, I have had little time to do any box set binge-watching or anything else. Although I have sorted out draws, and my rather extensive wardrobe and shoe collection, in true Maria Kondo fashion, and am feeling very virtuous in this regard ;-)) If you don’t know the wonder of this woman, check her out on YouTube, and Netflix. I love her! Some of us have been baking too - which sheds some light on our bulging clothing issue.


Luke needs to Maria Kondo his makeup bag!

We are all grateful for the park.

Katie working off wine..


Talking 'managing curls' with Carly on House Party..

Marcela’s bakes!

Lynn’s new hobby get’s the thumbs up.

Anyway enough of our antics, on to the important issues about your hair woes! Which are also ours… we feel your pain!





One of the biggest concerns we are hearing from clients is how to cover their white hair when their roots start to appear. 


Home Hair Colour

Some clients have asked us if we can supply their colour mixture for them to do a root touch up at home. We understand some other salons are offering this to clients, and we are respectful of their decision to do so, but from a professional stand point we made the decision not to offer this service. Whilst we appreciate this is an unprecedented time, and desperate measures are needed, professional hair colour is such an exact science, and we train at length, and cover extensive theory, to be able to work as colourists.

The mixing quantities (each of our client’s hair colours is totally bespoke, which is the biggest issue with offering a home kit, as once out of the tube, there is a life span)  the application and removal are all hugely important. Any deviation from the process, even accidentally, can have serious health implications. We have no desire to see anyone we care about having to go to hospital at this time. It is for all of these reasons that we cannot deliver on this option, not to mention the public liability insurance criteria we would be breaching  if we were to do so. 


   Safe Alternative Measures

We would recommend first and foremost, coloured hair powder. The brand we think has really mastered the root powder market, is Colour Wow. Please see the link below to order online. They also have video tutorials to help you with application. This method has to be done more regularly but will cause the least damage to your hair, and be the most hassle and mess-free option to maintain your roots. 





There may be other colour alternatives which we will be happy to discuss with you via telephone or on Zoom for a face-to-face discussion. We are still here for you, so please do get in touch, and we will do our best to help you.

Haircare Is Still Available Online


Our suppliers at Rebel Beauty Brands (see the link to the site below) swiftly set up an online store, when it became apparent that we were going to have to close our salons,  so that you can still purchase your R&Co haircare and styling products, and Rikoko too, for those of you who love that luxury brand. By continuing to purchase your products via them, you will be helping to support our business too, whilst we are closed. Just mention you are a client of the salon in the notes section when checking out your purchases - we thank you for your support, and btw, happy spending - we all need a little perk or two at the moment!


Keeping In Touch


We will of course, now we are more current with our methods of keeping in touch, keep you up to date more regularly. You are very welcome to unsubscribe  should you wish - but we promise not to bombard you. We are also on Facebook and Instagram should you wish to take a little look online, and keep up to date that way.


New Appointments

I will say goodbye for now, and look forward to seeing you back in the salon very soon. Given the extension to lockdown we are not rescheduling clients at present. Once we have a confirmed date to reopen from the government we will make sure you have an appointment. I have already come to the realisation that I will be working a 6 day week for the foreseeable future when we do return, and I know that the team will be right behind me in working hard to give everyone a much needed slot. We will also take salon hygiene very seriously, as well as keeping clients distanced as much as we can, so please be assured we will be taking every precaution.


In the meantime please stay safe and well, and keep in touch with us, we welcome it.Our salon lines are up and running, and you can reach us via email on


Best Wishes

     Louise & the team


 X X

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