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Hair contouring is a new, innovative colour service that uses a combination of free-hand colour techniques, paired with careful positioning of different

tones and depths of colour, around the face to highlight and shadow targeted areas. Darker tones create shadows and are used to shorten or narrow the face shape, whilst lighter tones are placed to elongate, and lengthen the face shape, by reflecting light. This clever placement of colour and careful selection of complimentary  tones perform an optical illusion and make your face appear more defined, and your best features, more accentuated.



Absolutely! Hair contouring is a 100% personalised colour result that is literally designed to suit your unique facial structure, features and skin tone. The colours are selected based on your skin tone and positioned based on your structure and features.



The black outer lines in our diagrams below represent each face shape described.

The rule of thumb is that an oval face shape that sits within the black outlines helps to demonstrate which proportions of the face will need to appear ‘re-sculpted’ using hair contouring to achieve the more symmetrical and well-balanced oval face shape.


You have a round face if …

The length and width of your face is equal. Characteristics include a shorter forehead and chin, and a rounded jawline.


You have a square face if …

The length, width and jawline are equal in length. Characteristics include wider facial features, sharper jawline and shorter forehead.


You have a rectangular face if …

This face shape has similar charactersistics to the oblong face shape being longer than it is wide, but with a more defined angular jawline, and a broader forehead.


You have an oblong face shape if …

The length of your face is approx. one and a half times longer than it is wide, with a broad forehead, cheekbones and jawline. The shape will roughly resemble a rectangle with softer corners.


You have diamond face shape if …

Your cheekbones are wider than your forehead and jawline.


You have a triangular/heart shaped face if…

You have a wider forehead and a narrower pointed chin, similar to an inverted triangle.

How will a colourist create bespoke contouring for me?

Contouring requires the eye of one of our L’Oreal Colour Specialists. At your initial consultation, in the privacy of our quiet colour floor,  they will determine your unique face shape and bone structure by sweeping your hair away from your face, behind your ears to expose the full outline of your face. The benchmark is to create the perfect oval shape, due to it’s well-balanced and symmetrical proportions.

The next step is for your colourist to decode where the darker and lighter shades need to be positioned around your face in order tore-sculpt the appearance and achieve a more ‘oval’ shape . To keep the effect looking natural and subtle, the colour shades chosen should not exceed two shades above or below your natural or coloured hair, and tones selected should compliment your skin tone. The different colour shades and tones are then applied freehand for a more subtle result,or highlighted separately for more defined pieces. This combination allows the colourist to tailor the application to suit you.

Will it look natural?

The complexity of this technical consultation and colour application requires a professional to ensure colours are perfectly blended into the hair and suit your skin tone. The subtle shades, the ability of our colourists to use careful positioning beneath the parting, and tailor the application method to your needs means that this colour technique can look so natural….no one will ever know, unless you want them to tell them!

Is it low maintenance?

The combination of application techniques and subtlety of shades means that this technique can be extremely low maintenance with regrowth being soft and diffused.

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